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We help you find a Proficiency Testing (PT) scheme or round for your laboratory.

PT scheme database

The EPTIS PT scheme database is our core service, brought to you by a network of coordinators worldwide.

There are many PT schemes operated worldwide. You find a large share of them in our database - 1000s of them are regularly operated, and some are on demand. Try it out: the database is free and easy to use. Examples for your database query:

sars virus
color colour textile
radioact* environm*

Found a suitable PT scheme? Please contact its provider directly for further info.


Also visit COMAR (beta) COMAR Home

Also visit our twin database COMAR if you are looking for a high-quality Certified Reference Material. COMAR is still beta, though, but is continuously being improved and extended.


PT round calendar

The PT round calendar lists a selection of next PT rounds. The mini fee that we ask for inclusion in this list helps EPTIS to continue its service. Coming up next:

Eurofins Food & Feed Testing | Food microbiology
LGC AXIO | Nitrate and nitrite in fish
LGC AXIO | Tetracyclines in pork
QRI | Drinking water microbiology
TESTEX | Textile fabric properties
Qualitycheck | Waste, water, sludge, contaminated soil
BIPEA | Macroinvertebrates in water
BIPEA | Micropollutants in water
BIPEA | Surface hygiene
BIPEA | Macroinvertebrates in water

... and more.


Next events

Workshops and trainings broadly relating to PT:

25-28 Sep 2023 | Eurachem PT workshop
19-21 Sep 2023 | ArabLab
25-29 Sep 2023 | Climate metrology

... and more.


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